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Information about Stratagem’s Merger, Acquisition, Fund Raising Services

M&A Fund Raising, Strategic Partnering Services Overview
Building Strategic Relationships Adds Significant Value to Your M&A Transaction
Custom Positioning Makes Your Opportunity Stand Out

Custom-Tailored Process for Your Successful Sell-Side Transaction
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Title: Merger and Acquisition Strategy
Description: Stratagem Partnering offers innovative merger and acquisition strategies for software and Internet firms. We excel in customizing unique pitches to prospective strategic partners in building value throughout the merger and acquisition process.

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Using Strategic Partnering To Build and Realize Value
We approach each client engagement as a value-building process, not an M&A event. We expressly maximize the potential from every strategic partnering contact, opening the door to a full spectrum of strategic relationships. Read more

Customized Marketing Messages Make Your Company Stand Out
Our unique, highly customized way of presenting opportunities to prospective partners has repeatedly reaped tremendous rewards for our clients. Read more

Astound Acquired by Genesys after Two Prior Value–building Deals
A lucrative OEM partnership, a $5M strategic investment and a $65M company sale closed in a 12-month period. Read more

Evolve Raises $10M from Sierra Ventures
Evolve went from this round to a successful IPO instead of an impending cash flow disaster. Read more

Architecting and Executing Merant’s Strategic Partnering Initiative
Merant, a public software company with $120M in revenue and new management, retained Stratagem to put process in place and close strategic transactions.
Read more