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Typical Client Profile
Industry Focus

Our Typical Sell-Side and Fundraising Client Profile

We earn our keep by closing deals. So, an honest assessment of our ability to succeed for you is as important to us as it is to you. Throughout our history, we have succeeded, when much larger banks have failed, by carefully selecting client engagements, by maintaining our standards for excellence, and by never compromising our integrity.

We only represent software and Internet firms (both public and private), focusing on a number of key industry segments in this arena. In addition to sharing our industry focus, we look for clients that fall into one of these categories:

Competitive products, defensible market position and demonstrable customer traction, but company’s upside is limited because its product(s) must realistically be part of a more complete solution

Excellent “break out” potential, but to realize this potential the company needs to leverage the resources, sales channels and marketing muscle of a larger strategic partner

Solid revenue growth yet the company’s board has decided to sell as its exit strategy (perhaps as an alternative to an IPO or to raising a future investment round)

Pre-Engagement Evaluation

Before taking on a new client, we routinely invest notable research time to evaluate the opportunity from multiple perspectives. At a high level, we need to assess our ability to succeed, which would also include a risk assessment. And because we act as an extension of your management team, working shoulder-to-shoulder on a daily basis, the team chemistry is very important to us. At a slightly deeper level, the following criteria are among those that we routinely evaluate before committing to a new client engagement:

Breadth of potential partner segments and depth of companies within those segments

Number and value of recent comparable deals

Past interest that your company might have had from potential strategic partners

Your company’s strengths and weaknesses (technology, financial, channels, team, etc.)

Notable opportunities and threats in the your path

Size and growth of company’s target market(s)

Extent/limitations of cash runway

Commitment to the process from the your board and executive management

Capabilities of business, financial and technical executives to present the your company in a compelling fashion to potential partners

Because Stratagem tightly limits the number of engagements we take on at any given time, the significant upfront investment we make in evaluating new client opportunities is critically important. The cost of failure for all parties involved is too high – especially if it could have been anticipated. While this takes a bit of time, when we take on a new engagement we are usually well equipped to hit the ground running, a collateral benefit that our past clients have certainly appreciated.

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