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M&A Fund Raising, Strategic Partnering Services Overview
Building Strategic Relationships Adds Significant Value to Your M&A Transaction
Custom Positioning Makes Your Opportunity Stand Out

Custom-Tailored Process for Your Successful Sell-Side Transaction
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Our Full Spectrum Approach to Strategic Partnering

We offer a full spectrum of strategic partnering services spanning mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, fund raising and high value business development transactions. We have extensive experience in each of these areas while working with clients in various stages in their corporate development; from emerging companies looking to leverage their current technologies and products with a broader audience, to established, public companies looking to invigorate growth or expand their competitive footprint.

Our unique, value-building approach to strategic partnering frequently crosses the boundaries between business development, fund raising and M&A activities. For example, rather than broadly announcing that your company is for sale, we target each prospective partner with carefully constructed message that explain the strategic value of a business relationship between your firm and the partner’s. Once the interest is secured, we can then fine-tune follow-up conversations to maximize the relationship based on the partner’s interest and your needs, without leaving potentially valuable opportunities on the table.

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High Quality Attention from High Quality Partners

For each of our strategic partnering services, our entire approach is designed to stimulate high quality attention from high quality partners. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with many of the prominent participants in technology and technology finance fields, we have the contacts to open doors for you.

In addition, our contacts know that we do our homework in advance. They have come to expect that when we present an opportunity, it is carefully selected with the information crisply delivered in language that is meaningful to them. They appreciate that our up front preparation makes it easier for them to evaluate the opportunity and that we won’t bother them with deal opportunities that are outside of their strategic focus. Thus with our customized marketing, your opportunity stands out as being highly targeted and relevant to them. You benefit from higher response rates and faster turnaround, even from prominent firms and busy executives.

Using Strategic Partnering To Build and Realize Value
We approach each client engagement as a value-building process, not an M&A event. We expressly maximize the potential from every strategic partnering contact, opening the door to a full spectrum of strategic relationships. Read more

Customized Marketing Messages Make Your Company Stand Out
Our unique, highly customized way of presenting opportunities to prospective partners has repeatedly reaped tremendous rewards for our clients. Read more

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Architecting and Executing Merant’s Strategic Partnering Initiative
Merant, a public software company with $120M in revenue and new management, retained Stratagem to put process in place and close strategic transactions.
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