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Sell-Side Partnering Services

A Process Custom-Tailored for Your Success

Stratagem conducts a structured and comprehensive process in the course of carrying out each sell-side assignment. The individual elements are custom-tailored to meet your specific needs, but the underlying methodology has been proven over the course of many years.

Stratagem’s unique process derives from the typical sell-side process, which usually includes the following steps:

Study all aspects of your business, including executive interviews and significant independent research

Identify and prioritize synergistic partner segments and companies

Author a proposal document and hard-hitting introductory email

Pitch to partners by phone and email

Cultivate interest, set up meetings and actively manage agendas and action items

Drive active prospects through the evaluation process with the goal to concurrently bring multiple buyers to the table

Lead negotiations and close deal at the highest possible valuation

The rigor that we apply to the above process alone sets us apart from our competition. In addition, unlike most investment banks, rather than conducting a cookie cutter process, our standard process considers your individual interests and needs as well as those of each prospective partner.

We mold our process to position your company for the best possible outcome. For example, sometimes speed is the critical driving factor, whereas in other situations, confidentiality is paramount.

We Speak to Partners in Their Own Language

Our custom-crafted process identifies the unique value proposition for each partner, specifically highlighting the potential benefits of a strategic partnership with your company. We invest heavily in the customization of client marketing materials, including the introductory email, all information memoranda and PowerPoint presentations.

A standard cookie-cutter approach makes it obvious that a company is being shopped. We’ve witnessed the severe downside of this image while representing potential buyers. In contrast, by taking the time to point out the unique business benefits of a relationship, we not only avoid the stigma that your company is “on the block,” but we generate higher quality interest from busy executives at top tier companies.

Securing unplanned, high value partnerships is a critically important benefit of the 1-to-1 marketing we do. For example, a partner may not immediately act on an acquisition that makes great strategic sense because of bad near-term timing issues. However, an OEM or strategic investment might get both parties further down the path toward a subsequent deal. In fact, it’s common for these unplanned partnerships to add significant value to a subsequent M&A transaction.

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