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Client Endorsements

"Stratagem demonstrated the utmost degree of dedication and professional skill in their work from the initial marketing through closing. I would heartily recommend them to any other company facing our situation."
Andy Wade
CEO, Infra
EVP, EMC Corporation

"There is no way we could have first framed and then chosen from among our many options in such an informed way, and successfully closed our merger with MarketTools, without the skill, guidance, diligence, and professionalism of Stratagem."
John Chisholm
CEO, CustomerSat

"I've worked closely with Stratagem both when they sold my previous company and when they pitched me opportunities at Documentum. In both scenarios, I'm impressed by their keen industry knowledge and first-class service. I recommend them heartily."
Dave DeWalt
President, Documentum
EVP, EMC Corporation

"Stratagem contributed greatly to Merant's value re-building process - as trusted advisors to our exec team, as the architects of new corporate development processes, and as a valued partner in our M&A efforts. They exceeded our expectations on every front."
Stephen King

"The Stratagem team delivered on everything they promised, and more. Their industry knowledge, high service level and unyielding dedication were essential to our success in this transaction."
Kailash Ambwani
CEO, Astound

"Stratagem designed and executed a fundrasing strategy that expertly led us through the time consuming and delicate VC process. As a result, we were able to close a highly attractive financing with one of the most prestigious VC firms. We absolutely could not have done it without their help."
Kirsten Mangers
Founder & CEO, WebVisible

"Stratagem’s industry knowledge and contacts got us immediate access to decision-making audiences, enabling us to close our deal at an attractive valuation in only two months."
Mike Burkland
President, Eventus Software

"We interact with many investment bankers, but we were particularly impressed with Stratagem's professionalism and high quality service. We would be happy to work with them again and recommend them to others."
Greg Martin
Principal, Redpoint Ventures

"We had a short time period to identify acquisition targets and to close a deal. My hat is off to Stratagem for making this happen."
Heidi Roizen
Managing Director, Mobius Venture Partners

"Stratagem provided us exemplary service not only by getting us a great value, but also by going beyond the call of duty to negotiate a deal structure that met our shareholders' unique personal needs. I can't recommend them strongly enough."
David Guinther
President & CEO, FastObjects

"In a critical situation, Stratagem provided Evolve with immediate financial alternatives that resulted in a swift investment from a top venture capital firm - despite very difficult market conditions and time constraints"
Jonathan Hare
Founder, Evolve

"With its excellent connections, Stratagem quickly brought the right players to the table, allowing us to get a strong deal for the sale of our company."
Carol Lashman
President, Consultlink

"Stratagem’s dedication was impressive, redoubling efforts when times got tough & providing consistently honest appraisals. They far exceeded any reasonable expectations."
Garth Conboy
President, Pacer Software

"Stratagem's market knowledge and work ethic resulted in NetVendor seeing a high number of keenly targeted partnership opportunities to expand our product line."
Sean McCloskey
CEO, NetVendor

"In our early growth years, Stratagem’s expertise was a most valuable resource in our capital formation plans as well as our evaluation of strategic partnerships and potential acquisitions."
Abe Ostrovsky
Chairman, JetForm

"Stratagem’s industry expertise ensured we realized the best value from our investment."
Frank Dalton
Partner, Cordova Capital

"Stratagem’s ability to position our company and its dedicated service commitment were critical to driving a difficult deal through closure."
Charlie Cumbaa
President, Cognitech

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